Packaging and Fulfillment

CDs and DVDs can be assembled into a variety of packaging options and fulfilled in virtually any combination of unique materials. Select from the buttons on the right to see the most common packaging options.


DiscMasters offers full-service delivery including drop shipping directly to end user(s) using FedEx or UPS. We also offer inventory warehousing for future distribution.

Pickup and Delivery

We have built our niche in this market around fast and accurate delivery of customer CDs and DVDs. Pickup of originals can be done by delivery or pickup locally, FedEx or Airborne regionally, or nationally using our account. Our rates for FedEx and UPS are some of the best in the country due to the volume of packages we send out every week. Another choice is through electronic ftp transfers.

Deliveries can be made by pickup, local delivery, FedEx, or UPS. We can also ship orders blind to final customers.