Free Test Master

Free CD Audio Test Mastering

Discmasters offers several mastering options and our list of clientele ranges from small indie artists through major label artists such as SONY and Columbia Records, including Viacom’s MTV/VH-1, the Grammies, the CMA’s etc…

Depending on the mastering requirements of your music (and to help assure its maximum audio impact & quality in the marketplace) we offer a free test master evaluation. Our Free Test Mastering allows you to HEAR the final mastering results on YOUR MUSIC before you make any final decisions on mastering your next CD release, we strongly recommend you take advantage of this mastering offer.

How to Proceed with the Free Test Master

  1. Please send us your CD (and tell us which song you would like mastered, otherwise we will pick a song at random for you)
  2. We will analyze and perform an actual mastering of your music
  3. When completed, Discmasters will then send back your test master via Next Day Delivery (the test master will include actual samples of BOTH your original music and the mastered version so you can easily compare the high quality results/improvements to your music)

NO OBLIGATION and the benefits are two-fold:

  1. The no-cost Test Master allows you to evaluate the high quality of Discmasters world-class, professional mastering services…
  2. This also allows us to accurately evaluate and recommend which mastering options are best suited to your CD release… We highly recommend this service because it is extremely beneficial to YOU and Discmasters in advisement of your unique technical mastering requirements!

Again, their is no cost or obligation to you whatsoever to perform the test master. If you choose to do the free test master, please download the form below, and send it in with your material to the following address:

7N140 Nancy Lane
Saint Charles, IL 60175

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to include your daytime phone number and the address for us to overnight the complete test master back to you.