Mastering and Mixing

Mastering and Mixing Services

DiscMasters Mastering and Mixing offers clients world-class Audio Engineering Services ranging from our Free Online Mastering Program, Stem Mastering, Streaming Audio Mastering, CD Mastering, DVD Mastering, Web Mixing & Mastering.

mastering and mixing
Mastering and Mixing

Mastering and Mixing Works:

  • Analog Mastering and Mixing Services
  • Digital Mixing and Mastering Services
  • Analog Mixing & Buss Staging with Analog Complimentary/Harmonic (Hysteresis & Slew Distortion Control)
  • WAV, AIF, MP3 Mixing & Mastering (also STEM MIXING)
  • Track Fade-in/outs (seamless transitions)
  • Smart EQ and Dynamic Processing (Digital/Analog) Limiting/Compress, Dynamics Perception & ComPanding
  • Stereo Imaging/Widening & 3D Surround Sound
  • Subcode/PQ Encoding Services (ISRC DATA & CDTEXT)
  • Check-Sum Data Verification of DDP IMAGE Formats
  • MIX & MASTER Vinyl, Tape, Digital, & Consumer Audio
  • MIX & MASTER Increase Warmth, Clarity, Punch, Width & Perception of Audio Field Depth

Audio & CD Mastering Services click below:

audio mastering and cd mastering
audio mastering & cd mastering services

STEM Mixing and Mastering Services

NEW Stem Audio Mixing and Mastering Services online provides customers with Ultra-High Defination Audio Resolution for the best audio mix & master experience possible… Clients can preview and produce their Music audio details with far greater clarity, and impact resulting in a World-Class Music Master Release.

Click Below to contact our Audio Mixing and Mastering Department and one of our Team Member Engineers would be happy to go over your questions, provide pricing, and help take your music Mastering and Mixing to the next level… with DiscMasters

mixing and mastering services
mixing and mastering services by DiscMasters