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Spotify Promotion
Spotify Promotion

Ready to Promote your next Single/Song to 100,000 Spotify Playlist followers? THE NEW DiscMasters Promo Pack allows you to place your CD Release Single on top rated Spotify Artist playlists of 100,000 followers –

Promo Pack includes 100 full color CDs in full color Promo Packs, and submission of your single to Spotify playlists totally 100,000 followers! Allowing you to promote and sell your discs and promote your music to a huge fan base… kick start your career on OVERDRIVE for only $495 dollars!

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Artist Promotion Services and Musician.Promo

  • Fans Create a CUSTOM MIX of your music tracks!
  • Great for Artist Demos & Band Music Samples
  • Easy-to-Use & Share web-based Studio DAW online!
  • Fans Play Listen & have FUN mixing your tracks!
  • Fans can even Record & Share track demos on Social Media to help create a HUGE BUZZ following!
  • Get More Fans for your next EP, Single, or album release!
Artist Promotion Services
Artist Promotion Services & Digital Music Marketing

Musician.Promo Music Marketing

Sign-Up Today for our Musician.Promo services and start sharing CUSTOMIZED Music Mixes of your Songs, Tracks, Multi-Track Stems, and Master Singles all done ON-LINE or via Mac/PC web browser, Smart phones, and Tablets, etc…

Get More Fans & Custom Mix your EP, Single, Release

Artist Promotion Services with Musician.Promo provides listeners with a custom mix and whole new digital musical experience -AND- create a massive following for fans locally and World-Wide… promote your career & take your music marketing to the next level! Get More Fans and promote your next EP or Release!