Mastering Services

Professional Mastering Service

Professional Mastering Services by Disc Masters offers customers the latest digital and analog pre/post production audio and video suite tools to assure your next CD release, Hollywood Motion Picture DVD or Blu-Ray disc, or online music streaming meets the highest industry standards.

Mastering Service
Mastering Service
  • MASTER SERVICES include any/all of the following:
  • Analog & Digital Mix and Mastering Services
  • EQ Processing & Dynamics (Smart EQ’s & AI banding)
  • Imaging and Stereo Widening, with 3D Surround Sound
  • Increase Clarity, Warmth, Impact, Width & Depth Perception
  • Compression, Limiting, Companding Dynamic Loudness
  • CD and Spotify Mastering for Multiple media/streaming formats
  • DDP IMAGING and MASTER check-sum verification
  • PQ’s w/track Sequencing & Pre-Gap preparation
  • Master Encoding Services (Subcode with CDTEXT, and ISRC Red-Book Compliant Compact Disc formats)
  • Transitions (seamless) Track Fade-Ins & Fade-Outs
  • Tape, Vinyl, Digital, Disc, Consumer Audio Formats
  • HD & WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP4 formatting & Processing
  • Complete Blu-Ray & DVD Mastering/Authoring services
Audio Mastering Services

Mastering and Audio Services

Our DiscMaster Audio Mastering & Compact Disc Service (listed above) allows clients of any size and budget to afford world-class Video/Audio, CD Mastering and Media Production & Distribution Services. Additionally, many customers routinely require file Data formatting and encoding, analog & digital file conversions, video and DVD authoring, packaging & design, Pre/Post Production editing, mixing and disc mastering as well. Our extensive array of production services help assure you have consistency, professionalism, with an impressive array of top-notch products & service for every release!

Great …how do I get started?

I’m ready to try DiscMasters Mastering Services… how do I get started? That’s easy… simply click here and submit a request online and we will follow up with you right away… OR simply call us (we promise we are friendly and happy to help and answer any questions you may have and make this fast friendly and easy!) 716-777-3472

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Mastering Services by Disc Masters