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CD Duplication baby steps …the ABC’s

Need Duplication Baby…?? The CD distribution ABC’s are as easy as 1, 2, 3 – What’s next after CD Duplication? Music Distribution! Services Like CDBaby.com Tunecore.com or distrokid and countless other service platforms that can help place your Music on sites like Apple’s iTunes, Spotify, Google-Play, Amazon, etc.. in fact most digital distributors offer hundreds of online digital music store outlets for fans to purchase, download, or stream your music and add your songs to their custom playlists and favorite music artists.

duplication baby
duplication baby steps guide

1. CD duplication and Distribution Baby Steps

Digital Music Distribution Baby Steps CD Guide

The first step to a successful release is your CD Pressing… while this is crucial, it’s really just the beginning. After you finish your studio masterpiece comes the “business” of the music biz… Many people are overwhelmed by the process of recording, mixing and mastering, CDCover.Design, CD duplication, Musician.Promo & Marketing, and of course Sales & Digital Distribution ( cdbaby.com Tunecore.com and more) These tips can help give a basic step-by-step guide for a successful release!

CD duplication baby-steps

duplication cd baby talk

2. CD Mixing and Mastering

Mastering your CD Mix for production & pressing helps take your recording to the next level… Professional Audio Mastering gives your music that final “Radio-Friendly” polished sound… So what does Mastering Sound Like? How will CD Mastering help my music? The best way to describe the dramatic impact professional mastering can have on your music is to give you some analogies…

Imagine playing your music in a closet with your ears plugged vs. playing your music on a top notch stereo or high-end car audio system… Mastering can have that much of an improvement for your tracks. What’s the best way to know FOR FREE? How about having your music mastered by a professional mastering engineer and you can hear the difference for yourself… Click below and Test Drive our free audio mastering program today!

cd baby duplication
Free Audio Mastering Program CD duplication

3. Duplication Baby Pictures

CD-Design and Cover Art Design has a significant aesthetic impact on how your audience perceives and engages your CD distribution… There’s a huge difference between a CD baby artist newbie vs. a professional CD Design graphic artist… It’s a fact, fans love great music… but they also tend to buy with their eyes!

A world-class CD Design Service can help give that Eye Candy appeal to your fans and more importantly, to any potential fans who aren’t familiar with your music… when you’re browsing Netflix – how often do you stop on an unknown video just because the graphic art or title caught your eyes? Yes, this is actually “a thing” and an important one at that… CD Templates combined with great cover artwork can literally help break an unknown artist to the masses!

duplication baby cd templates
Duplication Baby Steps to CD-Design

4. CD Duplication Baby talk vs. Distribution and Promotion

Successful music marketing and creating a buzz around your next CD Distribution goes far beyond the “baby talk of the town” for local fans… in the digital age, you also have to have a solid strategy for creating a loyal following online as well. There are numerous music promotion services like Zire and Musician.Promo that offer excellent online tools to help promote your music on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, and more… to help expose your music to countless would-be fans.

Finally it’s important to remember that fans come in every genre imaginable – Just because your music distribution isn’t main-stream baby (or sound like the latest fad) doesn’t mean there aren’t loyal fans out there waiting to discover your unique musical contribution to the world and artistic flare! Get your music out there with digital distribution and let the world know!

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CD Distribution & Duplication