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CD Sleeves Eco Packaging

CD Sleeve Printing is the leading Retail CD & DVD package worldwide. Paper CD Sleeves and Full Color cardboard CD sleeve eco jackets are affordable for any quantity. DiscMasters offers clear sleeves CDs, custom cd sleeve short runs, and large scale mass cd production. please see our current discounts below:

Custom CD Sleeves CD Jackets & CD Mailers

CDs in Sleeves and Jackets
* 500 Deluxe CDs with Full Color Jacket Sleeves …Full Color ProPack Printing, includes Free UPC Barcode option, only $595

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500 full color CD package for $595 (or choose Qty Below)

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CD sleeves
CD Sleeve

CDs in Jackets & Plastic CD Sleeves

CDs in Jackets & Plastic CD Sleeves are definitely on top of your ‘release to-do list’ if you need an affordable and professional package in low short-run CD quantities of: 100, 250, 500, 1000, or more… look no further, The CD ProPack is for YOU! Our Most Popular ProPack CD PACKAGE is perfect for performance sales, online disc orders & mailing, retail store sales, CD mailers, etc..

CDs in Sleeves (aka CD Eco Jackets) Paper CD Sleeves

eco cd sleeves

NEW Paper CD Sleeve and CD Eco Jackets allow you to leave that garage band look and cheap CDs packaging behind forever. DiscMasters has what you want most – affordable retail CDs in all quantities. FULL COLOR ProPacks are a true crossover WINNER! Complete the discount order (see top of this page) or click below for more discount pricing…

CDs in Sleeve Jackets