Convert Cassette to Digital

Convert Cassette to Digital & Transfer Cassette tape to CD Services

DiscMasters convert cassette to digital service stands ready to help transfer cassette tape to CD, wav, mp3, or a host of other digital audio formats… with fast/friendly service and affordable pricing options, we give you the flexibility to customize your service in one easy click. Our Mastering Dept. can convert cassette tapes to any/all digital formats and allows you to restore and breathe new life into old damaged, or poor quality tape recordings – helping bring them to modern audio standards!

convert cassette to digital
convert cassette to digital

NEW Audio Restoration & Enhancement Services

Customers can send in their Cassette tapes and we will go over your requirements carefully before proceeding with the conversion process. Some may simply want to convert their tapes to CD “as is” with no audio restoration or enhancement services… or if you prefer we can perform our high-quality Audio Restoration Services with corrective dynamic digital EQ and remove tape background noise, hiss, de-hum… increasing the audio fidelity & signal-to-noise ratio of the audio and/or music to help bring old recordings back up to modern contemporary digital standards.

Audio Restoration and Enhancement Services
Audio Restoration and Enhancement Services

CD Transfer Services & Price Quote Request

CD Transfer Services… DiscMasters stands ready to work for you! Our analog and digital transfer & conversion services are Fast, Friendly, and Affordable… Disc Masters allows customers to transfer and digitally convert analog tapes to digital media, such as CD’s DVD’s, including high-resolution .wav files or mp3 consumer formats. Simply Click the link below and tell us what you need, or feel free to ask questions – we’re happy to help, that’s what we do!

In addition to Standard or Enhanced Cassette Tape Transfers we also offer the same world-class professional services for a host of Analog & Digital Media:

  • Vinyl Record Transfers and analog to digital encoding
  • DAT (Digital Audio Tape) transfers to CD, wav, or mp3
  • ADAT (Alesis Digital Audio Tape) 8-track transfers to wav or alternative HD audio formats
  • VHS transfer to DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, or .mp4 video formats
  • Open Reel (Reel-to-Reel) Master transfers & restoration
  • Cassette Tapes to CD’s & digital files transfers
  • Multi-Track transfers to DAW and/or wav formats
  • 4-track cassettes and 8-track cassette transfers to wav
  • Digital file conversion from format -to- format
  • Full Mastering and Audio Restoration / Enhancements
transfer cassette tape to cd
transfer cassette tape to cd