CD Duplication & Replication Printing Services

CD Duplication DVD & Blu-Ray disc Replication Services

CD Duplication DVD & Blu-Ray Disc Replication Services are the industry standard for Disc Masters CD Pressing & distribution of high capacity and low-cost optical disc formats including: disc replication, Authoring, Mastering Audio CD Replication, Music production and CDROM replication. Blu-Ray and DVD media production can be formatted for disc duplication and/or replication and customized to your needs. Disc masters video authoring and duplication services can be scaled for inexpensive media distribution to elaborate cross-platform international titles.

CD Duplication Replication and Distribution services to help put you ahead of the competition…

Compact Disc Production

Our Compact Disc Production Services and products also include DVD Production, Blu-Ray Disc manufacturing, packaging, and distribution. Customer Manufacturing services also include Compact Disc packaging graphic design, Disc Mastering & Authoring, Data formatting for Compact Disc (CD-ROM & DVD-ROM) and world-wide distribution, sales, disc mail order on-demand, and fulfillment…

  • Efficient CD Pressing Data Capacity
  • Portability and Universal Compatibility
  • Worldwide CD Format Standardization
  • Powerful disk recovery algorithms and CIRC data verification
  • Excellent Reliability, Durability, and CD DVD Longevity
  • Low Cost CD Production and Fast Turn-Around
compact disc production
Compact Disc Production

CD replication and duplication

DiscMasters offers CD replication and duplication for clients that need to produce their own on demand discs & digital distribution… We also offer preprinted bd-r, dvd-r and cd-r with complete Digital & Silkscreen full color disc printing, custom cd dvd printer services and online custom cd packaging of high quality media products. Ask about our custom cd packaging and distribution TODAY.

Printing Pricing Marketing and Distribution

Our disc printing pricing marketing and distribution services continue to lead the cd duplication industry w/fast, friendly and affordable products & service… make CD Pressing with DiscMasters your one stop solution! From Blu-Ray to DVD, CD to Streaming, Radio to T.V. marketing & distribution… DiscMasters stands ready to bring your digital master products to market on these affordable and versatile digital mediums, with world-class products and service to help put your next release ahead of the competition!

cd duplication services
cd duplication services by DiscMasters

Disc Masters also offer short-run disc duplication equipment services for bulk CD DVD BluRay copies, software duplication, duplicating games, CD Digipack, DVD Digipaks and USB duplication, flash drive design and multimedia programming, multi-session duplicating, Enhanced CDROM-XA and all CD-Extra formats & subcode programming for compact disc data.

CD Pressing & CD Production Turnaround

Need a fast CD Pressing turn-around on your next CD production? DiscMasters CD Pressing offers fast & dependable cd duplication… Same day services are also available!

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