Why DiscMasters?

A Brief History in Excellence

So what’s so special about us? Better yet, what’s so special about YOU? Please let us briefly explain WHO and WHAT we’re about:

DiscMasters started doing CD DUPLICATION (and later DVD DUPLICATION) for National/international television and radio syndication broadcasting (yes when you heard that top 40 countdown, or watched that late night sitcom, there’s a good chance it came from us). As you might imagine, this industry has a “SUPER FAST, SHOW MUST GO ON, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION MENTALITY” (Comparatively, the rest of the world’s business is child’s play… honestly).

We had to develop true world-class products and services with dedicated attention to customer detail on such a level that our clients had to KNOW without doubt that they ARE the most important people on the planet, and their business was in THE BEST HANDS, period! Long story short… DiscMasters quickly learned to specialize our products and services for each and every customer, to be EXACTLY what they needed — THAT’S WHAT WE DO, THAT’S WHO WE ARE!

What does this mean to YOU? Of course by definition this depends on, YOU… if YOU are the company that needed it yesterday, look behind YOU (it was delivered last week)… If YOU are the artist that was working on a super tight budget, we gave YOU not one, but three ways to slam dunk YOUR release with money to burn. Frankly everyone is different, every situation has twists & turns. YOU simply can’t get the level of attention and quality YOU need by a company that puts YOU (and everyone else) in the dreaded “BOX”.

So tell us what YOU need us to be…
Because at DiscMasters, we’re all about YOU!