DVD Duplication & Replication

DVD Pricing

DVD duplication and replication offer a delicious digital treat in every flavor, DVD5, DVD9, BluRay, HD DVD, double DVD cases, triple cases, etc.. all boast the safest, most cost-effective storage solutions for your release! Go ahead, embrace the digital goodness & savor every bite.

DVD covers a lot of ground and DiscMasters is here to help! As HD DVD capacities increase and DVD shrinks in overall costs, we’re ready to decrypt, decode, and help rip through & decipher your Power DVD equation! DVDs boast the highest capacity, most capable, and lowest cost of portable media storage to date. Companies large and small are converting everything – websites, brochures, software, training videos, VHS, movies, music, ipod, to dvd, etc. Unlike cheap DVD duplication services, we focus on you with a ‘CAN DO’ approach, assuring the highest quality for any budget.


Need a fast turn-around on your next dvd production? DiscMasters offers fast duplication. SAME DAY dvd copy services are available.

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Unlike cheap dvd duplication companies or free dvd duplication claims… Click here to find out why DiscMasters is your quality manufacturer!