panic button

PLEASE HELP ME... hold my hand...
how do I start?

Maybe this is your first production -- or perhaps you have some ultra-cool intense technical wizardry you need help with, maybe someone else's problem just became YOURS, or maybe you have a fantastic recording and you simply need to know what the next step is...???

Regardless of WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN HOW ???

Welcome to FANTASY ISLAND... may we interest you in a cool beverage? Seriously... every customer deserves the red carpet treatment and we're here to help!

Here's how this section works in 3 simple steps:

cd duplication made easy

There are NO bad questions, you’ve only but to ask... please TELL US your “Heart’s Desire” ;-)

We also like to call this our SMILES SECTION
this disc, art, computer, and internet data stuff can get mind numbing!
your SOLUTION is just a few clicks away...