300 CDs in Digipaks

300 Deluxe Full Color CDs and full color digipacks for only $695 …(or choose Qty. Below)

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Digipak Custom CD Printing – High Speed Press by DiscMasters

CDs in Digipaks (aka CD Digipacks)

CDs in full color Digipaks (aka Digipacks) have become a favorite retail cd packaging solution for many customers. CD Digipak printing & packaging contain less plastics than traditional cases (standard cd jewel cases), while maintaining a clean, professional, high-end look. CD Digipaks with 4 or 6 panels are the most popular, but there are many ways to expand these with custom cd packing, CD and DVD booklets, Double-CD-Digipaks, etc.. as well.

DiscMasters CDs in Digipaks Featuring Music Legend: CARLOS SANTANA

CDs in digipaks
CDs in digipaksCDs in digipacks